The Stockwell Case

There was an old poem I wrote back in seventh grade. We were given reading assignments and meant to write a response story. Mine ended with this poem.

And this poem fueled the beginnings to what would become my first finished book–one that I let gather dust for some time.

One that is about to be rebirthed.

One that has grown significantly in meaning, direction, and purpose.

For now, however, I leave you with this poem:

When life tempts you, flee away

When life misleads you, don’t fall astray

When you’re filled by hate, heed to hesitate

For one false move and you will segregate

Your eyes are blinded with but first sight

Keep hold of yourself, less you grip the trigger too tight.

-Enoch K. Enns


One comment

  1. But what is the Stockwell Case? Well, in short: it’s an incident revolving around Aaron Stockwell and his sister, Heidi Stockwell. It is a sci-fi set in AD 2164, just before the collapse of global governments as we know them and the soon rise of Society Corp.
    Aaron Stockwell. Heidi Stockwell. Mr. Unknown.

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