The Grand Illusion

The Grand Illusion is the next title in the works and a sequel to the Grand Attraction. The four-book series takes a turn as Carls Locke now refocuses his work on unveiling TAP and whatever mysteries lie behind the Glazed. His ties to Sherlin’s group are in pieces, but will he be able to make amends when the time comes? So many questions with no answers…. but as the answers unseemly draw nearer, so do the even more entrenching questions.

Journey once again through the eyes of Carls Locke as he seeks to share the hope he found and the chance that others might break free from the illusion. If you have not read the first book, the Grand Attraction, it is strongly urged, for many bricks are laid upon its foundation. Though, in time, it will explain itself, one might find hints of things later to come. Like any puzzle, it helps to see the picture before diving in. If anything, try to keep track of all the pieces as they are woven into an image that is far more than what most would imagine.

This sequel picks up in many facets of the story-line. From character depth, setting enrichment, and plot twisting, the Grand Illusion is sure to throw any reading into a fictional suspense of thrill and mystery. Join Carls Locke as he continues down the hall that is the Grand Illusion.

A Glimpse Into the “Pôrtrət Relms”

Back Into The Lion’s Den

The Splendor of Illusion

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