The Grand Attraction

The Grand Attraction is the first title to a long anticipated sequence of converging story lines. It is, in fact, the central hallway to which all adjoining doorways lead to their own, unique twists, turns, and history. It is this hallway that a plethora of tales, characters, and significant icons converge.

The Grand Attraction follows the influence of Carls Locke–a man desperate to reclaim his grasp upon reality and free his mind from man’s greatest illusion. He is caught between realms, wishing so much to be in one while forced to endure the other, and all while trying to keep his daughter safe.

If you are truly interested, I would love to elaborate more fully, however, I have found that oft my excitement far exceeds the interest of others and desire not to bore with the elaborate, enriched depths to which I delve–an ocean of story with but a pen-sized boat to tell it with. Quite difficult to contain if one were to put in perspective.

The Grand Attraction is available from practically any major online book seller. I welcome you to join the journey and purchase your copy of this Grand Series through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or the AuthorHouse bookstore.

Exert from The Grand Attraction

The Grand Attraction

The Holstein Sector

What Happened? (Hide & Seek)

The Grand Attraction, Parts I-IV released.

BookLife Prize for Fiction


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