Honorable Forte

“That means we are to pass through Threshold, the small town into which you were to be accepted—only now you have not the stone.”

“Is there no other way around that place?” Mr Fauldon asked.

“You once said honesty was your forte,” said sir Knowington. “It is best to have them know you are in pursuit of fixing the loss rather than simply getting lost in its absence.”



The Splendor of Illusion

Magnificent it be—the pillars of emerald poised atop the prostrate marble floor.

Violet veins stretched beneath the feet of those blissful minds to dwell.

Such intrigue and by many names did its vast attractions lure;

To its radiant pillars and vibrant halls did man cling in escape of the world’s fall.

-Exert from the Grand Illusion, The Splendor of Illusion



Back From Where You Came

“Origin–it is oft a question we all ask of ourselves. But we would be doing ourselves wrong if we didn’t ask the reciprocal: the purpose. To each his own beginning; to each his own end; to all, a purpose to live.” -Turtleback Seer

So are the words of Turtleback Seer, the first and original Seer for the land of Naychurr–a realm where creatures of land, air, and sea have switched habitants and now feud over their new “self-acclaimed” rights and domains. It was the Seer who brought wisdom to their Judgement; who guided their quarrels and corrected their wrongs. Turtleback was revered as the perfect sage of nature–land, sea, and air– as he himself was a sea turtle flying the depths of sea and heights of the heavens. There was no feud he could not resolve. Only his age got the better of him, causing him to suffer from aboulia, an inability to make decisions. In his absence, a new Seer was needed to govern the creatures of Naychurr.

And it is thus your story begins….


From The Grave

“Every man has his journey: a time in which he seeks the purpose of his being and falls into line according to his conviction. Though through time directions will come and go, all are faced with the choice to continue. Should you stand by your conviction or not is up to you. But should you sway, who is to say you are not but chaff in the wind? You blow aimlessly through this journey–and such so is a life wasted.” (more…)

Where Dreams And Reality Cross

“Dreams are meant to fuel one’s ambition, but one must still live reality.” -kalian

Amazing, isn’t it, how life in its ever-demanding state can often leave us wishing for our dreams but getting no closer to them. Plenty a man has envisioned himself elsewhere, all awhile he is stuck plowing the fields. Not to say it is a wasted life–only that it is short of his dreams.

“I often wonder…

“I often wonder as to the possibilities of man if he were only more capable of being confident in that which he does not know and more understanding of what he can know… Man either becomes so foolishly confident with what he already knows or too far-fetched in gaining what he does not.” -Mike Dyrdrik, In Search Of Life’s Mysteries

Mike Dyrdrik is a character in a book I’m writing called “The Grand Attraction”. He is a thinker and a key role–most commonly referenced in his self-title “In Search Of Life’s Mysteries” (which is a book within a book). Quite honestly, I’m curious as to the full contents of his book myself, being as they only come to me as I progress.