Our Stories To Be Read

“Everything you do, every jot and tittle, will be read by someone else, for the sum of your acts is always written and never overlooked. Time is the great reader of everything. Time is always reading.

Time will read you. Time will tell. Time will remember.”



A Physical Humanity of Art

There are many arts that man is capable of–all sharing a common ground to be experienced by others. Art is both created and consumed; both labored and enjoyed.

Four art genres presently come to mind: the art of words, the art of picture, the art of sound, and the art of sculpture.


Honorable Forte

“That means we are to pass through Threshold, the small town into which you were to be accepted—only now you have not the stone.”

“Is there no other way around that place?” Mr Fauldon asked.

“You once said honesty was your forte,” said sir Knowington. “It is best to have them know you are in pursuit of fixing the loss rather than simply getting lost in its absence.”


Simple Intent

“It’s a simple intent that drives man the deepest. In all manner of the phrase: there truly is nothing new beneath the sun. We may try to convince ourselves otherwise, but just the thought itself has already undermined the attempt.”

-Mike Dyrdrik, In Search of Life’s Mysteries (more…)

From The Grave

“Every man has his journey: a time in which he seeks the purpose of his being and falls into line according to his conviction. Though through time directions will come and go, all are faced with the choice to continue. Should you stand by your conviction or not is up to you. But should you sway, who is to say you are not but chaff in the wind? You blow aimlessly through this journey–and such so is a life wasted.” (more…)