fiction writing

Ink to the Sound: A Birth of Words Heard

I am always being inspired. It takes a special kind of author to be able to self-create in mass volume, coming up with their own stories apart from any influence–which is a talent I will always strive for, but do not have.



Fauldon’s Dream: Who Is Nom?

I have grown very fond of Nom from Fauldon’s Dream–a character meant at first as but a vessel to inspire the appreciation of the many inhabitants of Euphora. But, as the case with many of my characters (and I would hope to soon be all), his own story, origin, and purpose have intrigued me greatly.


The Sentiment of Sehsaur, Part I

Blind, bitter, and poor did the man shiver amidst the cold and biting wind. The homesteads of Albannik were bunkered for the night and the harshest winter for all they knew. The lonely mountain peek’s town was accustom to winter, but not what they had come to call the Winds of Raigor. From the eastern lands did these winds come–swiftly and like a wolf pack to an abandoned calf. Devouring and relentless did the winds turn color to white, to blue, to death. None could escape it–only cling desperately to life in prayers that it should pass.


Nearer Still To Distance Come

As I draw nearer to the publication of my next book, I find myself filled anew with curiosity as to some of its content. Reading back over it, it feels as though I am rediscovering the adventures and settings as though for the first time. Truly does Fauldon’s Dream and Karier of the Task cover such a broad subject of imagination, thought, and journey.


I Often Do..

Sometimes I journal to escape; sometimes it is to find myself. Sometimes I journal to share; other times it is to explore for myself. To journal is like a second journey. There is the life that must be lived and the experiences within it, then there is the reliving of it in ink and paper, in heart and mind.


A Publication In The Works

To much consideration, I have decided to delay the publication of the Grand Attraction’s sequel: the Grand Illusion. Instead, I turn my attention towards Fauldon’s Dream and the Karier of the Task.