Crossfire – A Glance into my WIP

Just to let you know I have not abandoned you, oh reader and friend. Here is a snippet from a scene I am finally pressing through in the Grand Illusion, the sequel to the Grand Attraction:D



The Splendor of Illusion

Magnificent it be—the pillars of emerald poised atop the prostrate marble floor.

Violet veins stretched beneath the feet of those blissful minds to dwell.

Such intrigue and by many names did its vast attractions lure;

To its radiant pillars and vibrant halls did man cling in escape of the world’s fall.

-Exert from the Grand Illusion, The Splendor of Illusion



Curious? The Toy Merchant…

The man stood a proud six feet with a bright pink vest and white collared, blue striped button-up shirt; his couplings were of laden gold airplanes. His checkered pants fit well to his circus-like figure and about his identity was a mouse costume mask—the man must have lost his dignity long ago to dress so bizarrely. And yet he stood composed, his hands propped into the small slits of his pink vest.

Carls was hesitant.

“Do you wish to see my merchandise?” the man asked, a red glove reaching out toward his cart. Carls betrayed a quick glance down at the Hensers. Hensers? He was selling cards?

“The Gambler,” Carls inquired, “do you know him?”

The man’s shoulders lowered, as did his tone. “Oh… so it’s you. Pity… you should have come to me first—for you can only deal with one.” (more…)

We All Fall For The Bait Sometimes

We all have illusions–certain scenarios that lure us into an unwanted situation. We have those weaknesses–that caring heart–the often presses us to act unaware of the full circumstance. We all have those choices whose consequences we always hate to face, yet we fall for them again and again. We grow tired, faint, and in need of hope–something to give us strength to press on. Carls Locke, amidst all odds, strives to be that hope. Something inside of him is like that of a spark in a hay-field–he has but yet to fuel it. The hardest part is to endure when hope seems ripped away from you; when at your loss, your expected to help others flourish. It is thus that Locke undergoes himself–a loss so severe and personal to him, it would bear weight for the entirety of his journey, of his purpose, of his hope. (more…)

So what happened next?

Previously, I shared an exert on the Holstein Sector, leaving you to a climb from the pit as Carls’ struggles to confront whomever he had witnessed in the tunnel. He still seeks to find a particular man’s work in exchange for his daughter’s life. She is dying–and he is sharing in the pain–but to what extend will he have to go to overcome? What sacrifice is he willing to place? This next exert is a continuation of the Holstein Sector, and will hopefully lead you to more interest in what is actually to be unfolding within the Grand Attraction. This also ties into the quote previously stated by Mike Dyrdrik (if you hadn’t already made the connection). Enjoy! And critique! (more…)