Creatures of the Grand Attraction

The illusionate, the possessioners, the Fallen Ones, the Shem–here is a brief recap of them in preparation of the upcoming sequel: The Grand Illusion.


We All Fall For The Bait Sometimes

We all have illusions–certain scenarios that lure us into an unwanted situation. We have those weaknesses–that caring heart–the often presses us to act unaware of the full circumstance. We all have those choices whose consequences we always hate to face, yet we fall for them again and again. We grow tired, faint, and in need of hope–something to give us strength to press on. Carls Locke, amidst all odds, strives to be that hope. Something inside of him is like that of a spark in a hay-field–he has but yet to fuel it. The hardest part is to endure when hope seems ripped away from you; when at your loss, your expected to help others flourish. It is thus that Locke undergoes himself–a loss so severe and personal to him, it would bear weight for the entirety of his journey, of his purpose, of his hope. (more…)

Back From Where You Came

“Origin–it is oft a question we all ask of ourselves. But we would be doing ourselves wrong if we didn’t ask the reciprocal: the purpose. To each his own beginning; to each his own end; to all, a purpose┬áto live.” -Turtleback Seer

So are the words of Turtleback Seer, the first and original Seer for the land of Naychurr–a realm where creatures of land, air, and sea have switched habitants and now feud over their new “self-acclaimed” rights and domains. It was the Seer who brought wisdom to their Judgement; who guided their quarrels and corrected their wrongs. Turtleback was revered as the perfect sage of nature–land, sea, and air– as he himself was a sea turtle flying the depths of sea and heights of the heavens. There was no feud he could not resolve. Only his age got the better of him, causing him to suffer from aboulia, an inability to make decisions. In his absence, a new Seer was needed to govern the creatures of Naychurr.

And it is thus your story begins….