A Sequel Meant To Soar

Everyone wants their next book to be the next best thing–just like the first: exhilarating and original.



A Glimpse Into the “Pôrtrət Relms”

“Well, Mr Fauldon, as you said: I brought you here from another place, just as Grevious was once brought…”

-Sir Knowington, from Fauldon’s Dream and the Karier of the Task, Scene XI


The Splendor of Illusion

Magnificent it be—the pillars of emerald poised atop the prostrate marble floor.

Violet veins stretched beneath the feet of those blissful minds to dwell.

Such intrigue and by many names did its vast attractions lure;

To its radiant pillars and vibrant halls did man cling in escape of the world’s fall.

-Exert from the Grand Illusion, The Splendor of Illusion



Curious? The Toy Merchant…

The man stood a proud six feet with a bright pink vest and white collared, blue striped button-up shirt; his couplings were of laden gold airplanes. His checkered pants fit well to his circus-like figure and about his identity was a mouse costume mask—the man must have lost his dignity long ago to dress so bizarrely. And yet he stood composed, his hands propped into the small slits of his pink vest.

Carls was hesitant.

“Do you wish to see my merchandise?” the man asked, a red glove reaching out toward his cart. Carls betrayed a quick glance down at the Hensers. Hensers? He was selling cards?

“The Gambler,” Carls inquired, “do you know him?”

The man’s shoulders lowered, as did his tone. “Oh… so it’s you. Pity… you should have come to me first—for you can only deal with one.” (more…)

The Illusion To Come

Friends, foes; fight, flight–what makes one’s mind such a misleading guidance. After sacrificing himself up for his daughter, what is next for the desperate father? Will he ever find the answers he seeks? Will there be closure to his suffering? (more…)

Eyes Half Opening

“Take caution in your steps, my friend, and heed my words. Your eyes are still but opening to what lies beneath. Do not overstep yourself else you be swallowed up like the rest. The illusions are powerful. Do not think you are yet free of them.”

-Philis Antoinette

I am getting excited as I wrap up some last go-through editing for publication. This particular quote stands out to me as I go through the book simply from the setting it is in and the one making the statement. So much mystery, so much illusion and depth! Will Carls be able to open his eyes fully to the terror and reality about him?

Simple Intent

“It’s a simple intent that drives man the deepest. In all manner of the phrase: there truly is nothing new beneath the sun. We may try to convince ourselves otherwise, but just the thought itself has already undermined the attempt.”

-Mike Dyrdrik, In Search of Life’s Mysteries (more…)