I am an aspiring, young writer who has a burning passion to share my imagination and joy for fiction. I would love to eventually be in the entertainment industry as a narrative/story director for games, films, and books alike. Though the road ahead of me is long and hazed, my ambition remains to commit wholehearted to whatever and all that I do.

My first installment of the Grand Series–the Grand Attraction–is published and available on Amazon, Barnes&Noble, and AuthorHouse. This section of the series is aimed to have four books within it, but plenty of fill-in releases to keep the reader up-to-date with the plethora of characters, realms, and life-stories being intertwined within the central hall of attraction. Such is the case and intent with my latest release: Fauldon’s Dream and the Karier of the Task–a brush-stroke of adventure through the Realm of Euphora through the eyes of Mr Fauldon.

I am currently still working on the sequel to the Grand Attraction, entitle the Grand Illusion and am most definitely getting stoked about its progression–though slow it may be. I look forward to sharing progression as I find time and to blog the many other things racing through my mind along the way. Any feedback, support, or criticism is greatly appreciated. God bless.

If you are interested in a copy, feel free to look it up via the links below:

Amazon Book Link Barnes and Noble Book Link AuthorHouse Book Link

I can not tell you how difficult it is to slow down and write one story when I have so many soaring in my head 😀 However, I realize the solution is as simple as this: just write, write, write!

And so write I shall and will as often as I may, for many things must I balance in the life of raising a family, supporting a wife and child, and giving my all at work to provide for them. #writer #author #worker #dreamer #gamer #father #lover

Also, I’ve got a website now for you to venture into as means of finding all the many places I am at work 😀

Enoch K. Enns: Author Website

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