Creatures of the Grand Attraction

The illusionate, the possessioners, the Fallen Ones, the Shem–here is a brief recap of them in preparation of the upcoming sequel: The Grand Illusion.

The Illusionate: an illusionate is any individual who has fallen victim to the illusion of helpless/hopelessness, resulting in the mental psych of desperation, depravity, and agitation. They suffer tremendous mental fatigue, detachment of sanity, abuse, and a numbness to external pain–being they are in such psychological misery and oppression. In their illusioned state, they maintain constant adrenaline dumps and exceed most physical boundaries, but also suffer severe fatigue and migraines.

The Suppressionate: a suppressionate is one who has become victim of a possessioner and physically/mentally is at war for control of their mind and body–their conscience now shared with a possessioner seeking to destroy and devour the host’s will and flesh. While able to retain sanity and humaness, a suppressionate has “triggers” that easily set them off into an uncontrollable state–a rampage. If not careful or suppressed, such unstable states develop into physical possessions as the possessioner seeks to break their will of resistance. Most do not live to resist the second surge, though some have been seen to exhibit extraordinary will to deny.

The Fallen Ones: a Fallen One is an individual fallen prey to a possessioner, be it either from an illusionate state or a suppressionate state. Fallen Ones can not be enlightened or redeemed. Their physics are massively improportioned and take the tone of the possessioner and the physique of the host as well as their mental state/will. A Fallen One’s host remains inside until their conscience is devoured–at which point the body becomes consumed and the possessioner returns to its original form to search for another host. Fallen Ones are always enraged and seeking any means of venting the anger and war inside of them as the host loses control and humanity.

The Possessioners: a possessioner is seen as a black cloud with no solid form that scours about in search of things to possess and entertain itself with. Both inanimate and animate objects can be victim of their game. Often they are lured to the fractured mind in hopes of toying with it until finding a venue through which they can enter possession and destroy their host’s will. It is a game of pride, which naturally leads to instant quarrels between them and Fallen Ones, though no one yet understands the nature/origin of the possessioners and their culture/purpose.

The Shem: the Shem can often be easily mistaken as the possessioner, though they are far from. Their origin is yet to be known, though their personality is of intellect and mimicking. They are often first seen in the “silhouetted” form of something known, like a leopard or centipede, but are quick to jump into action and hold to no form apart from being a black mass of shape-shifting danger. They are known to mimic countless creatures, objects, and the like, almost as though they try to mimic whatever last admired them. Only one record of a Shem being possessed has been noted thus, which goes to show in-of-itself how much trouble even to a possessioner–something with no form to be beaten–they are. The level of their intelligence is yet to be decided, as they are often known to locate and utilize “trippers” to lure their prey from hiding. The Shem’s makeup is best described as a massive clump of ink/sludge that has conscience and needs.


All that aside, then there is that which is summoned from Hensers… which would be another topic entirely. In short: there are creatures of other realms illegally summoned–as the case for anything summoned from the Living or Dead Chambers.


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