Our Stories To Be Read

“Everything you do, every jot and tittle, will be read by someone else, for the sum of your acts is always written and never overlooked. Time is the great reader of everything. Time is always reading.

Time will read you. Time will tell. Time will remember.”

Such are the words of one you have yet to meet at a point you have yet to reach in my writing. The context, however, is taking place it Act II of the Grand Series–so yeah, a ways off. xP

Yet it has me thinking of the sayings “nothing you do goes unnoticed”, “time will always tell” or “someone is always watching”. Growing up, that was usually used as a cautionary phrase. “Better behave well” many a father has said to their son.

Now, however, I see the hope in that. Yes, there is immeasurable power in being true to yourself and image even in shadow and secret. But how much more so is there encouragement in knowing you aren’t an overlooked speck?

I’m talking about that feeling of insignificance and valueless purpose we often depress ourselves into. I’m talking to those who feel void and pointless in existence. I’m talking about the emotions that swell when we feel abandoned and isolated–be it surrounded by loneliness or stranded in an ocean of strangers speaking a difference language.

Your life is worth. There is no written justice to the pain and suffering felt through depression, depravity, and desperation. I only but scathed the very itching surface in the Grand Attraction–the portraying of an illusionate’s state of digression into illusion and longing for that which they feel incapable of experiencing.

There is  hope. Carls Locke did not just find clarity. He did not just reach “enlightenment”, he chose to create for himself words that would resound hope for others that not only would eventually read of his acts, but those who were even as it happened.

You will be read. But concentrate on bettering the now:) Find hope, and if you can’t: look for it in others. Read others.

If you have found it, put yourself where others might read.

We are all suffering. Even in joy, we all have struggles.

“To every man his struggle is the greatest.” That is my favorite thing to tell people. You may work at the desk; you may work in landscaping–both have struggles just as real and difficult to the other. Only in sharing them can we be reminded of what we have overcome and appreciate it.

Life is appreciated together. We are never alone because, in time, our stories will be read.

There is hope.


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