Here’s Till Now And Beyond

This is by no means my “New Years Resolution” post, but it is my Author’s Resolution–a preemptive showing of what I have done since 2006 and what’s in store through 2021.

If you’re a fellow author, join me in accountability. If you’re a fellow story-teller, join me the building. If you’re a fellow enthusiast, join me in the telling.

If you’re a reader, then do I have a tale for you.

I began writing seriously in 2006/2007, piecing together the many stories and worlds I had come up with from earlier years and deeming them Taylor Tarnor. The Tales of Tarnor spanned hundreds of years from the Arc Wars to the prophesied Amotu. The first etchings of a “story” revolved around Near, a shipwrecked soul from another realm, burdened with a dark Bekon and tasked with guiding the Amotu.

But the story was too big from my youthful hands to keep up with and young mind to be content with, thus I moved on.

In 2008 I began many a re-writings of what eventually evolved (again, over countless renditions and failings) into my first-ever completed book, Aaron Stockwell. I finished my second draft of the title in 2011 and had my dad print it in a fancy soft cover–there it remained as the only copy printed and kept.

And I moved on.

In 2015 I published The Grand Attraction, a new reawakening told through the eyes of Carls Locke, the inspirations thereof the games and movies I was opened to upon entering my college life.

It was a bold step and one that I knew I could carry through many, many more books.

But its sequel was met with uninspired delay and setbacks. After all, it’s hard to pick up a story that takes 70,000 words to lay the foundation before, and then spend another 60,000 before having enough context to finally unveil a solid, worthy plot.

So, in 2017, I publishing Fauldon’s Dream–a short story turned novella whose origins preluded the Grand Attraction. I had originally began it after falling in love with the Alice in Wonderland films. I said to myself, “The mind truly is spectacular and imaginative. I should write something to prove that ten fold.”

Its success lays in your hands, however, but I most definitely fell in love with it and the realm I crafted for it–the Euphora Realm. In fact, after publishing the Grand Attraction, set in the Realm of Remedii, two scenes rang clear as favorites for its readers:


The city within the mall (aka when Carls stumbles into Euphora) and the lead up to the grand mall (aka New Babylon).

It was the excitement people had in reading through Euphora that I felt it needed justice done to it–justice that now inspires a sequel just to Fauldon’s Dream.

But of course the appreciate and intrigue people had leading up to the Grand Attraction is elaborated upon in the Grand Illusion.


And there you have up till now. It is the eve of 2018, but even more so I am to reveal my intentions for the Grand Series and other works.

Let us first hit it in a nutshell:

Mid 2018 – Aaron Stockwell, Book 1 of the Stockwell Case.

Late 2018 – The Grand Illusion, Book 2 of the Grand Series

Mid 2019 – The Wanderous Nomadicus and the Euphora Realm

Mid 2020 – The Grand Embark, Book 3 of the Grand Series

Late 2021 – The Grand Finale, Book 4 of the Grand Series


The Stockwell Case will ultimately have three books: Aaron Stockwell, Heidi Stockwell, and Mr. Unknown. The collection is set pre Grand Attraction, before the global economic and governmental infrastructure collapse and emergence of Society Corp. It also predates Fauldon’s Dream.

Though independent of the present storyline being unveiled in Act I of the Grand Series, the Stockwell Case plays a larger role in titles to follow, but in of itself, is its own story.

The Wanderous Nomadicus is the sequel to Fauldon’s Dream and picks up exactly where you left off with Nomad. It is his telling and journey of Euphora, following his account of the Folk That Dwell. The book also will serve to set up for the events of the third installment of the Grand Series.


To wrap it up: I have a lot planned through 2021. Probably too much, but who cares… The intent is to finish Act I of the Grand Series before my children steal away my heart and time. While I don’t plan of ending my career of writing, I will be at least able to put to rest the ambition and proceed as a hobby, less someone actually love my books enough to make a living from.

So here’s to 2017 and all that lead up to<3 And here’s to 2021, and all I plan too:D

#letsdothis #loreoverdose #thegrandseries


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