The Wanderous Nomadicus: The Journal of an Adventurer

It is hard picking a point-of-view to write in and sticking with it. First person, third person; present tense, past tense–but what is best for the book I am about to unfold?

Well, I took a step backwards today. I asked myself: “Through whom am I telling this story?” It isn’t Fauldon’s tale anymore. It isn’t Locke’s. It isn’t the Gambler or Trip (yet…).

It’s Nomad. And he’s got his own way he would tell his story. He is my traveler. The eyes I would like to have and the hands in writer I would dream of. What more? He is an adventurer–wanting not just to read the most bizarre of books and ancient texts, but to experience them as well.

It is the character of Nomad himself that decided the perspective, or rather the point-of-view, through which I will be telling his story.

And it fits him perfectly: to each scene, what he has recorded in his journal.

That being noted, it will be a first person/past tense novella. There are many strengths to doing it so, most epic-ly being the kind of atmosphere I want to maintain throughout the book, beginning to end (or not end :P). Nomad is a wonderful character and warming traveler. His stories are those I would like to share in camp fires’ light and beneath a starry sky (or as the case in Euphora, beneath silky veins of luminescent wateriness).

All of this may mean nothing to you, but hey, it’s a refreshing breath to me as I step forward with the tales and records of the Wanderous Nomadicus. Yes, his journal has a name: The Folk And Natures That Dwell.

Yes, this is in light of still working on The Grand Illusion and the Stockwell Case…. #ugh #letsdothis #bringiton

So any thoughts on what the book I AM WRITING about Nomad should be called?

Some ideas I’m debating:

The Wanderous Nomadicus

Tales of the Wanderous Nomadicus and the Folk and Natures that Dwell

The Realm of Euphora and the Folk and Natures that Dwell

Euphora and the Folk and Natures that Dwell

Wanderous Nomadicus and the Euphora Realm


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