Crossfire – A Glance into my WIP

Just to let you know I have not abandoned you, oh reader and friend. Here is a snippet from a scene I am finally pressing through in the Grand Illusion, the sequel to the Grand Attraction:D

“You’re far too confident with that magic,” another figure scoffed, “it’ll get us killed!”

“Ha, as if. You know nothing can see us in here….”

“You know what I mean, Pete,” the doubter spoke to the scrawny man, who seemed to be the one in charge. But there were three of them.

Carls could not make out the third figure who had seated himself inside the joint. The man’s cloak was distorting of detail and his head was downcast.

“Enough of yer paranoia, Beef,” the supposed ‘Pete’ snapped back. Beef? What kind of name was—

“My name’s not Beef!” the broad shouldered man spoke back. The two seemed always at it.

“Shut it, both of you,” came the deep baritone of the third figure.

Though they were not illusionate, Carls still felt all the more hesitant to step forward, and yet he felt already noticed. Not by the first two, but whoever the third man was…

“Ya, ya, ya, I’m sick of your maundering,” Pete lashed at the man. “You keep speaking all high-and-mighty when we’re just as involved as you are, Danny!”

The shotgun blast rippled through the distance, nicking Pete along its way.

“What!?” Pete gasped, both fists to his gut to stop the bleeding, a hateful, confused gaze at the smoke-lit barrels of Danny’s shotgun. “You little—”

“Pete!” Beef’s voice cut back in, raising his own gun towards the center of the food mart.

Towards the splintered olive tree.

Carls had toppled back, his eyes shot wide open to the scathes about his face. The man had shot towards him, a mere side-intent that Pete had stood along its path.

And now Pete saw him.

“You think that justifies!?” he bellowed, turning in blood-agonizing pain to face the figure that steadily strode from beneath the cloak of Al’s Steaks and Buns.

The man was completely ignoring his comrade’s threats. His attention was solely upon Carls.

“I’m talking to you!” Pete’s voice cracked above the frame of still time.

Confused yet? Well–cliffhanger! Lol, but seriously, I appreciate all the patience! It’s been so hard balancing my investment into Fauldon’s Dream and its continuing saga and the passion that is the Grand Series. Not that they are unrelated, but it seems publishers really respond to my fantasy/adventure, but just they wait! The Grand Illusion is not to be overlooked. I am getting beyond uber stoked for this work-in-progress. #bringiton

Also as well… I am now on Smashwords–an amazing platform that I look forward to building upon. What does this mean to you? Well, presently you can get both my books free there. In e-book form, that is. It won’t last forever though:D Just doing what I can to get the word out there! The Grand Illusion–at least I’m hoping–is going to be the big-release. ❤


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