Ink to the Sound: A Birth of Words Heard

I am always being inspired. It takes a special kind of author to be able to self-create in mass volume, coming up with their own stories apart from any influence–which is a talent I will always strive for, but do not have.

I am inspirationally writing my works (part of the reason I hate reading, as it inspires me to write far more than it entertains). That’s not to say I can’t create my own, I just tend to use the first step as an influence from something else and mold it to my own.

That being said, music is an enormous facet of this origin of writing for me. I love music.

You could say I’m addicted to it.

It inspires me, encourages me, challenges me–it fuels the background and forefront of the war-torn battlefield that is mind to ideas, hand to words.

So, here I was sitting as I usually sit (being the kind of human that enjoys sitting, that is), and I stumbled upon a song: “Love” by Lana Del Ray. If you have not heard it, check it out! The rest of the album is more so explicit and to taste, but as for that song, it flooded me with an idea–and that thought has expounded into a book I would one day like to write.

Keep in mind, I have been listening to this song on repeat for about half-an-hour. So here it goes 😛

The title would in likelihood be “Satellite Transit”. The premise is way on into the future, so most definitely a sci-fi genre, which I have been anxious to step into.

Music is the communicator of the future where mankind has overcome previously insurmountable collaboration. With the rise and dominant acceptance of UA upon the old Earth, humanity has expanded into space frontiers joined hand-in-hand. Social structure and economy is built from the foundation of sound–meaning, as mankind traverses the vast satellite transit system, each station is built in light of a particular music, making it its own. Culture, preference, market–most could be deciphered simply by the music being played.

Thus, each transit exhibits its own sound, though all being a part of a Universal Album, the UA. Under the UA, everything runs to a beat. Law and order seeks those who disrupt the flow of unison. Not to say everyone steps to the same beat the same way, but the science behind it all always unveils the beat that falls “off-beat”. And while there will always be the rambunctious in society, for the most part, there was common progression.

Though many do not yet know to what extent that means.

For what the UA conquered upon the old Earth–being division, hate, greed, and dominance–it took precautionary steps to prevent in the new Expanse. Each person has their sound and so long as it is kept to that individual and unknown to him, the Universal Album will gladly manipulate the beat to alter direction.

That being said, some have begun to know their voice and make known their sound.

Language is sound and the UA controls that barrier. And so long as there is communication, there is need of language, there is power to UA regulation.


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