Fauldon’s Dream: Who Is Nom?

I have grown very fond of Nom from Fauldon’s Dream–a character meant at first as but a vessel to inspire the appreciation of the many inhabitants of Euphora. But, as the case with many of my characters (and I would hope to soon be all), his own story, origin, and purpose have intrigued me greatly.

Nom, or as you more likely have come to know him as Nomad, has quite the backstory and quite the developing sequel to Fauldon’s Dream–but why him? Of all the characters, from Beelstow to Mercedies to Serve Per Card to Earold to Nobaph, why pursue Nomad?

It’s only fitting to as he is the best means of accomplishing a broader scope of purpose. I like his story, his personality, and his character. He is an explorer of the Mainland Euphora, and thus a great character to further enrich upon the realms I have created.

And, as his own ambition, we are but tagging alongside his mission of contextualization to the realm of Euphora. I have mentioned before and will note again: Nomad seeks to “settle down and raise up a town,” but only after accomplishing his latest task. You see, many histories of Euphora are kept to the region in which they first occurred and many of the folk that dwelt have passed on into said histories, unlearned and unappreciated. Nomad, amidst his travels for a place of settling, became so amused by the many aspects unknown to the Mainland that he sought the great library of old.

But the only place to bear even the slightest resemblance of a collection of books was the stead of Grevious, and it was no library of satisfaction to Nomad. Thus, he set out upon a new venture: to collect the knowledge kept separate, and share it. Nomad, in light of his own past, believes fully in the power of documentation. With his own dream of settling down now mending with his new passion of founding the first academy of books, he travels with purpose to uncover the stories and lives of the folk that dwell.

Yes, “The Wanderous Nomadicus and the Folk That Dwell” is, presently, the title of the next Euphora book. It is the unveiling of the many fascinating things within a realm, I believe, will inspire and entertain. There are countless adventures of the Beezleton folk and many tales of the Trissellah faeries yet to be written–too much I have yet to touch on in the realm of Euphora. Fauldon’s Dream was but a single stroke of the brush as to what actually lies within the realm of adventuretude.

And Nomad shall travel throughout the lands to bring together the many stories once kept apart and to pursue his dream of founding the first town of histories.

I am still writing the Grand Series, though in light of recent, potentially great or devastating news, I have be re-inspired to pursue the realm of Euphora even more richly than before. Its depths are interwoven within the very soil of the mind’s creativity.

I only hope for my inspirations to inspire others to inspire others still. #bringiton #toinspire #toencourage #toimagine #amwriting #letsdothis

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