Fauldon’s Dream: The Faerydeer

Not much is actually known of the faerydeer. According to the Encyclopedia of the Natures of Euphora: “They appear when the bonedilies are near bloom and are renowned for the pollen they sweat, which is essential to nature’s pollination and integration of kinds, allowing species of plant to travel vast expanses and find home next to the bonedilies for protection.”

Little else, however, is documented apart from the beauty of their rainbow-colored antlers and luscious fur and droops of mane about the chest. For the most part, the faerydeer were revered as ancients of the land and largely left alone.

But such an answer was not of satisfaction to the “Wanderous Nomadicus” (as his name would soon be spread). The traveling nomad knew far more secrets and significance resided within the migrations and pollination of the faerydeer. It was his research and study that brought forth the following entry in his latest textbook: The Creatures and Folk That Dwell.

I find it difficult in predicting the bloom of the bonedilies–a trait of which seems very persistent in the appearance of the great faerydeer. These creatures are truly magnificent ancients! Such splendor in their colorful antlers stretching as webs of presence to all that gaze! Their fur is not like other animals. It seems to possess a mind of its own as the faerydeer makes its path through the plants and shrubs.

I might add that their paths are never straight. I think this it is intentional, however, that they might pollinate as much as possible. I’ve even seen one with three featherfurs perched atop it alongside two twig critters!

For those not knowing of such creatures: the featherfurs are like small, sparrow-like birds with feathers far more padded in fluff than most birds are accustom to having. Twig critters are in close resemblance to walking-sticks, though resembling more so a small shrub of just twigs. Imagine walking trees but in a size that can fit in your hand. Very irritable and constantly pruning themselves–though the more tangled the more status, seemingly.

I do not know exactly why they would travel with the faerydeer nor why it would let them ride upon its majestic prowess–especially the twig critters–but I do know that the faerydeers’ ties with the bonedilies are close. Very close.

In fact, I managed to stumble upon a scene of a faerydeer approaching a bonedily during the aurora shade…

The Aurora Shade is the time in which the Lighthouse’s rays are dimmest over the mainland and the veins of wateriness pulse dark and elaborate pathways through the dark sky of night. It is the equivalence of “nighttime”, or at least as close as it gets to it in the Realm of Euphora, for the days there are entirely different as are the nights.

…It was astounding to watch as the bonedily moved its stone-like palms about as a lion’s mane and reach down to the great creature as though antler and stone touched in mutual friendship. It begs the question: are bonedilies plants or creatures?

I will do a more in-depth study of the bonedily later (as well as for the featherfurs and twig critters), though for now I can say with confidence: the faerydeer are extraordinary ancients. I’ve found mention of creatures similar in behavior and purpose in the Darsel Woods and would much like to visit there someday.

I do not yet know where the faerydeer go or what they do whilst the bonedilies are not in bloom, but I do know they stay hard at work and shrouded from sight–for it is extremely hard to find them apart from the bonedily. They are ever so elusive and majestic, I would love to ride one!

Truly that would be a dream-come-true.

And there you have it 😀 One of many to come in the unfolding tales of the creatures and folk of Euphora. The faerydeer mentioned in Scene III are but one creature of countless many yet to be studied. Be sure to keep following after Nomad the Traveler as he traverses the many wonders of Euphora in attempts to accumulate a curriculum for all to read and learn!

And yes/no, that may/may not be a hint at a possible/potential “next book” in the Realm of Euphora 😛 After all, it’s a great big world of adventure and wonder to the mind! And I have plenty more to tell before the return of a particular individual that happens to be the main protagonist of the Grand Attraction. So ha! Confused yet?

Likewise 😀

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