The Splendor of Illusion

Magnificent it be—the pillars of emerald poised atop the prostrate marble floor.

Violet veins stretched beneath the feet of those blissful minds to dwell.

Such intrigue and by many names did its vast attractions lure;

To its radiant pillars and vibrant halls did man cling in escape of the world’s fall.

-Exert from the Grand Illusion, The Splendor of Illusion


And so begins the sequel to The Grand Attraction. The grandeur of man is at it again as Carls Locke returns to the mall he strove so desperately to escape from–if only to provide an escape for his daughter.

With new characters, new settings, and new depth, what will come of the Grand Attraction as its greatest illusion? Carls is determined to find answers, but is he ready for the new questions that will arise in their wake? Is he prepared for the twists and turns of intricate thrills as he seeks to uncover the mysteries behind TAP, the Big Man, and the Wishing Box?

Join him–join me–as yet again we dive into the suspenseful fictional realm that is the Grand Illusion.

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